Feedzai Data Science Studio Fights Financial Fraud

Feedzai has released a Data Science Studio (DSS) software designed to help organizations of all sizes deploy machine learning techniques to combat financial and payment fraud.

Using the Studio, non-technical and business teams within retail organizations have the opportunity to build, deploy and manage predictive analytics models. Leveraging Big Data for this purpose has been traditionally difficult for businesses due to the shortage of data science and engineering teams that are capable of analyzing this data.

“We’re unlocking the power of big data analytics that shape the future of global commerce,” said Todd Clark, General Manager, STAR Network at First Data Corporation. “Increasingly, software is doing natively more and more of what data scientists do. Now, we have the capabilities to get our data modeling done within days and weeks, not months — with data science already built in.”


From extraction of features, feature engineering, model generation and evaluation, intuitive interfaces can guide users through the rapid development of data algorithms. The software platform is accessible via cloud or on-premise solutions.

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