Evergage Launches Multivariate Testing Functionalities

Evergage Launches Multivariate Testing Functionalities

With e-Commerce becoming such an essential piece of today’s retail puzzle, web designers and marketers alike must ensure that their online experiences are not just optimized but customized for each consumer. To give retailers more visibility and control over these experiences, personalization provider Evergage launched multivariate testing (MVT) capabilities in July 2015.

Building on Evergage’s existing A/B Testing functionalities, MVT enables retail marketers to configure and simultaneously test web site and app changes, such as content, design, form and message combinations. With these testing capabilities, marketers can determine which combinations result in greater conversions and engagement.

Additionally, retailers can deploy tests to specific audience segments — such as people showing a strong affinity for a particular product category who have not yet converted — or broad segments, such as all first-time visitors. Moreover, these marketers can then use MVT to immediately access and monitor test results, including attribution reporting. This enables the retailer to analyze campaign performance for a variety of metrics, like click-through rates and average order value.

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