Ethoca Launches Integrated Solution Suite To Fight Fraud

Ethoca has unveiled an Integrated Solution Suite designed to mitigate chargeback fraud that includes Ethoca Eliminator, Ethoca Alerts and Enhanced Representments.

The first line of defense is Ethoca Eliminator, a solution that allows card issuers to tap into deep merchant intelligence (shopping cart details, IP address, account details, etc.) at the first moment a cardholder clicks on a transaction in their mobile banking app, or calls into their bank to question a transaction. This process enables cardholders to better recognize their own transactions, regardless of whether the intention to dispute is innocent or malicious, and it helps to deflect friendly fraud and disputes at the source. 

If cardholders continue to dispute a transaction, Ethoca Alerts kicks in. Ethoca Alerts’ direct-from-source issuer data reduces the time it takes for merchants to be alerted of fraud and customer disputes from weeks to as little as a few minutes.


Merchants with high friendly fraud rates and compelling fraud evidence may choose to fight their chargebacks to recover their revenue. Enhanced Representments is a flexible platform that leverages the know-how of Ethoca’s chargeback experts and automates the representment process so that merchants get their money back faster and more efficiently.

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