EnterWorks Launches Enable For Product Information Management

EnterWorks Launches Enable For Product Information Management

EnterWorks has unveiled its Enable Product Information Management (PIM) solution, which employs a dynamic, flexible data modeling architecture for businesses seeking to provide accurate product content to consumers.

Enablewill customize and acclimatize content for every channel and preview it in context, exactly the way a brand’s customers would see it. The platform can:

  • Power a content repository with unlimited data attributes, and manage complex relationships between products and category/hierarchies;

  • Deliver time-phased pricing management for catalogs and campaigns that are responsive to the dynamic promotional needs of marketers and merchants;

  • Offer roles-based views tailored to each user, with security and audit logs for accountability;

  • Apply specific business rules for consistent, accurate sources of product content; and

  • Enhance searchability across attributes, facets, images and text to keep up with trends in products, lifecycles and markets.

The solution also includes integrated features such as:

  • Supplier Portal to directly engage supply chain partners in validating details;

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) to manage crucial menu imagery and digital assets; and

  • Publishing with Adobe InDesign for self-serve, on-the-go menu creation.

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