Emailage Introduces RapidRisk Score Fraud Detection Solution

Emailage Introduces RapidRisk Score Fraud Detection Solution

Emailage, an online fraud prevention and email risk assessment provider, has introduced the RapidRisk Score fraud detection solution. The tool is designed to quickly generate risk analysis for payment processors, card issuers and retailers on every transaction.

RapidRisk Score harnesses AI and Emailage’s global intelligence network to offer response times for fraud risk assessment as low as 30 milliseconds20X times faster than the industry standard. This rapid response minimizes delays for shoppers, reducing friction at checkout.


The platform classifies each shopper with a holistic risk score, which is comprised of demographic attributes and key variables such as the shopper’s email address, IP address, billing address, shipping address, device ID and transaction data.

The tool is capable of handling hundreds of transactions per second, and has already been adopted by three global payment processing platforms. Emailage’s solutions are designed to be directly integrated into any company’s risk engine, or with leading fraud platforms.

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