Eltima Develops Port Virtualization Technology

Eltima Develops Port Virtualization Technology

Eltima Software developed the Eltima Port Virtualization Technology (EPVT), which is designed to turn any retailer’s POS software into a cloud-based system via USB and serial COM ports.

Users get the opportunity to access their barcode scanner, scales, payment terminals or cashier's data and collect it into one database on the server PC. The technology is designed to be integrated into any OS and customized for any needs.

EPVT is designed to help create multiple virtual COM ports on a local PC. In integrating the EPVT into POS software, retailers can customize development of specialized applications for serial communication between POS computers and devices.

Based on EPVT, POS software can create an unlimited number of virtual connections and receive the flows of necessary serial data over the network. That means any local machine will be able to recognize remote serial ports as its own real ones. This lets users control all data streams coming through COM ports of remote serial devices from a single data server. The technology provides the ability to join separate data streams into one data flow, and vice versa.

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