DH2i Launches Connectivity Security Software For Retailers

DH2i Launches Connectivity Security Software For Retailers

DH2i, a software defined perimeter and smart availability software solution provider, has launched the DxConnect network security software for integrated Zero Trust (ZT) connectivity. The tool is designed to let retail developers and network administrators build ZT security infrastructure for cloud native applications, hybrid/multi-cloud connectivity and privileged user access without using a VPN.

DxConnect features micro-tunnels that give network admins and developers the ability to create micro-perimeters segmented by application rather than network. This helps prevent lateral network attacks, unify connectivity and ensure users and devices get direct access to applications and services.

The software also offers discreet invisibility, which allows for randomly generated non-standard UDP ports for dynamic on-demand micro-tunnel communications. This capability is designed to greatly reduce network attack surfaces and render applications and services invisible to unauthorized users.

Additionally, the smart availability feature offers dynamic movement of micro-tunnel gateways and application workloads alongside automatic self-healing fault detection and failover. This enables an “always secure and always on” application infrastructure.

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