Deputy Debuts AI-Powered Auto-Scheduling

Deputy Debuts AI-Powered Auto-Scheduling

Deputy, a workforce management software platform, has launched Auto-Scheduling, a solution designed to enable companies to create, optimize and fill legally compliant schedules across industries such as retail, restaurants and health care.

At a time when businesses are encountering increasing issues with minimum wage, overtime and Fair Workweek laws, Auto-Scheduling uses AI and machine learning technology to build an optimal schedule based on data analytics from multiple demand signals, including sales, foot traffic numbers and table reservations.

Capabilities within the Auto-Scheduling solution include:

  • One-Click Scheduling that enables managers to quickly create schedules;
  • Auto-Fill, which allows for shift structures that accommodate preferred shift lengths and start times that still meet the company’s regulations;
  • Accurate Labor Forecasting that sets priorities, like lowest cost, shift equality or matching past preferences; and
  • Compliance that enables managers to create optimized, legally compliant schedules every time in order to stay in step with changing regulations.
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