Delighted Releases Customer Survey Feedback Platform

0aaSS Delighted ImageThe Delighted platform enables companies to gather customer survey feedback from emails, web sites or SMS text messages.

Using the Net Promoter System — a single question and an open-ended comment box — the Delighted dashboard is designed to helps companies align customers’ needs with business growth; measure the customer voice over time; and keep customers coming back. It allows brands to track NPS over time to show where there have been improvements or which areas require more focus.

Feedback from Delighted surveys is shared in real time so brands can react rapidly to what customers are sharing. It also allows filtering to drill down into segments of the people surveyed or into promoter, passive or detractor responses.

Delighted is available in 40 languages and surveys are customizable to match a brand’s look and feel. The solution can integrate with third-party platforms including Zendesk, Slack, Salesforce and HubSpot to send surveys and receive responses and metrics from companies’ existing workflows. Retailers can invite their whole team to use their platform at no additional cost.

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