RSS Offers Retailers Inventory Optimization Through Forecasting Offers Retailers Inventory Optimization Through Forecasting

Curve, a retail sales forecasting solution, is designed to help retailers reduce costs and improve in-stock rates through improved inventory management. The platform provides insights that can be turned into action without needing a data science team to interpret the results.

Curve uses machine learning prediction technology to recommend the right solutions based on use cases and customer segment. Features of the tool include:

  • Prevention from out-of-stocks and overstocks;
  • Sales predictions through weekly, monthly and quarterly forecasts; and
  • The ability to examine sales totals by category, individual SKU, store or sales channel.

The platform is fully integrated with major CRMs, support desks, email services and other solutions to help it work within retailers’ existing systems. Additionally, the support team can work with companies of all sizes.

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