CollaborateCloud Ties Together Internal Communication For SMBs

Although small businesses don’t have the breadth of larger retailers, they can still have difficulty trying to manage workflow and internal communication. Often, these companies are still growing and are learning how to manage these processes effectively.

CollaborateCloud has released a collaboration suite specifically designed for small business retailers so that they can improve productivity through better collaboration, management and workflows. From a management perspective, the solution is designed to connect employees, suppliers, partners and executives across multiple locations to enable rapid communication and collaboration.

The platform can be used across different functions such as Multi-Location Collaboration/Management, Product Design & Supplier Collaboration, Supply Chain Collaboration, Social Intranet, Performance Management and Inventory Tracking.


Retail employees can use the solution to communicate with each other in real time, or with a private group within a workroom. Additionally, they can share and receive documents, updates, images, links and other information. Managers also can use for the platform, to delegate tasks and create checklists to coworkers and track progress on each task.

Users can create custom dashboards that include data widgets and reports, and can create multiple filters for different data views and data sets. In building a dashboard, retailers can arrange to be notified about aberrations and identify potential bottlenecks and issues.

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