CLOVR Amps Up Loyalty Initiatives Via Card-Linked Offers


CLOVR Media is a universal card-linked offers (CLOs) platform, designed to allow retail and product discounts integration directly into banner, mobile, video and traditional advertising. Card-linked offers connect discounts directly to consumers’ credit or debit card. Once linked, the savings appear on the shoppers’ statement.

As an open platform, the CLOVR solution allows consumers to choose which card the savings will be applied to. In turn, brands do not need to choose participating bank or payment network partners in order to roll out a card-linked offer initiative.


CLOVR was formed in 2009 by advertising industry veteran Tom Burgess and finance/real estate innovator Doug Spear. Prior to CLOVR, Burgess founded wireless advertising company Third Screen Media in 2001, which was sold to AOL/Time Warner in 2007. Burgess also served as president of, which was acquired by Monster in 2001, and 9th Square, an Internet advertising and e-Commerce platform. 


Spear, a real estate and finance entrepreneur, created Spear Development in 1993, to provide turnkey real estate development projects for financial institutions. He also was a co-founder CSpot Networks, LLC, in recognition of the emergence of the digital out-of-home market, and the potential opportunity to merge its capability with the ATM footprint.

Market Relevance:

Card-linked offers are ushering in a new era of Loyalty 2.0 for both brands and retailers. Through card-linked offer enabled advertisements, retailers can amp up their loyalty strategies by providing customers with financial incentives.

Card-linked offers also are rolled out to help brands and retailers improve ad targeting and measure overall campaign effectiveness. Due to the streamlined connection between the advertisement and the redemption at point of sale, card-linked offers provide advertisers 100% attribution rates. This new data will be valuable for retailers when planning future advertising campaigns.


Currently in beta testing, the CLOVR platform is designed to allow customers to register for offers either directly through the company’s web site or by clicking on a card-linked offer-enabled online advertisement. After clicking on the advertisement, customers must verify their intention to add the discount to their card. At the designated point of sale, the consumer presents the card and receives the savings on their card statement. The company currently is accepting brands and retailers to participate in the program.

Proof Points:

With a launch date set for fall 2011, CLOVR recently raised $8.3 million in  funding, with support by Bain Capital Ventures. CLOVR’s card-linked offer technology offers the ability to enable retailers to market SKU-level discounts to consumers. Burgess has contributed commentary on the subject of card-linked offers in BostInnovation, Boston Business Journal, TechCrunch, CNN Radio, and other trade, business and digital media outlets.

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