CloudMaestro Speeds Web Site Performance

SS CloudMaestro imageWhen e-Commerce sites slow down or crash, it can be a nightmare scenario for online retailers that depend on site traffic to generate revenue.

Retailers concerned about the functionality and speed of their web sites can enlist CloudMaestro, a software solution from Lagrange Systems designed to facilitate improved web site availability. CloudMaestro eliminates single points of failure, monitors back-end servers for bandwidth optimization, and activates auto-recovery of failed application delivery controllers.

CloudMaestro also includes a “price setting” auction mechanism that leverages back-end server capacity and responsiveness to enable real-time traffic routing decisions. The solution is provisioned with a centralized monitoring function, Cloud Control, which detects and proactively resolves system issues before the site becomes unavailable to customers.


Lagrange Systems has worked with large and small e-Commerce companies including: Boulder Coaching, LOLflix and Treehouse Brand Stores. After implementing CloudMaestro, Treehouse Brand Stores tripled daily page views and doubled revenue, according to Anthony Salinas, Director of Operations and Development for Treehouse.

“Slow-load and poorly performing e-Commerce sites result in poor conversion rates and ongoing reputation problems,” said Jay Smith, Chief Technology Officer of Lagrange Systems. “An industry analyst study showed that a one-second delay in a page load can result in 7% lower conversions. In this competitive economy, no eTailer can afford to lose a customer for something as fixable as a web site.”

Lagrange also offers a companion solution to CloudMaestro, called CloudMaestro with Application Scaling, which extends the capabilities of solution by actively and automatically supplying (or retiring) application delivery controllers or web servers based on real-time network availability and traffic demands.

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