CleverTap Launches Contextual Recommendation Engine

CleverTap Launches Contextual Recommendation Engine

CleverTap, a mobile marketing automation platform, has released a product recommendation engine aimed at unifying engaging tactics that are usually handled as separate actions. The tool can offer recommendations via push, in-app, webhooks, SMS and app inbox.

The platform offers recommendations based on purchase behaviors, buying habits and usage trends to ensure the maximum value from each promotion. Specific benefits of the recommendation engine include:

  • Quick setup that doesn’t require a development team for support;
  • Varying real-time recommendations based on the shoppers’ journey, with different recommendations offered when browsing, shortlisting or at checkout;
  • The ability to bring relevant low count items to shoppers’ attention and better distribute product sales;
  • The ability to use custom fields to personalize marketing with media such as videos, images, deep and external links to make recommendations more interactive; and
  • Motivating shoppers to return for reasons other than a purchase, such as watching dation another video or reading another article.
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