Checkpoint Systems Debuts MicroFlex RF Label

0aaSS CheckpointSystems ImageCheckpoint Systems, a supplier of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and RFID solutions for retailers, has released the MicroFlex solution, a Radio Frequency (RF) label designed to help retailers reduce external shrink on hard-to-protect merchandise.

With many retailers choosing to display merchandise openly, MicroFlex is designed to improve the customer experience by enabling full interaction with the products while simultaneously deterring opportunistic thieves.

An alternative to hard tags, MicroFlex features Checkpoint’s clear Micro EP labels with visible circuit and the company’s Black Lock logo, both of which are designed to discourage potential dishonest shoppers. MicroFlex can be applied either in store by staff or at the point of manufacture by brands themselves.

Retailers can apply the solution, which features a small label on an adhesive carrier, on a diverse range of metallic items such as jewelry, small accessories, golf clubs, handbags and kitchenware.

The company also announced an enhancement to its EVOLVE-STORE solution, which is designed to expand the potential of physical stores by combining various sensing devices into a single actionable data-led solution with enterprise wide data analytics.

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