Cequence Introduces Security Platform To Defend Against Bot Attacks

Cequence Introduces Security Platform To Defend Against Bot Attacks

Cequence Security has unveiled Cequence ASP, an application security platform designed to provide an effective, scalable defense against bot attacks affecting retailers. Financially-motivated malicious bot attacks can target a retailer’s web, mobile and API applications, and results can include click fraud, account takeover, fake accounts, API abuse, denial of inventory, gift card fraud, reputation damage and more.

The platform’s analytics engine (CQAI) combines applied AI, machine learning and behavioral analysis designed to meet evolving security requirements, enabling security teams to:

  • Discover the hundreds of web, mobile and API applications deployed across the full organization;
  • Detect and automatically determine the source, target and intent of potentially malicious attacks by continually ingesting and analyzing metadata from client-server traffic; and
  • Defend against detected attacks and automatically end them by applying policy-based mitigation techniques, including blocking, deception, rate limiting, etc.

The Cequence solution can be rapidly deployed on-premise or in the cloud, across any number of locations, and still be managed as a single application security platform.

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