BRIDGEi2i Releases AI-Powered Analytics Platform ExTrack

BRIDGEi2i Releases AI-Powered Analytics Platform ExTrack

BRIDGEi2i has unveiled ExTrack, an AI-powered analytics platform designed to leverage text analytics and natural language processing to help retailers gauge customer sentiment, interests and reactions at multiple touch points.

The platform can analyze quantitative and unstructured information to identify various customer experience metrics. Retailers can use this platform to correlate these experience metrics with business outcomes, which then helps them take the right course of action for driving better customer experience.

ExTrack consumes and analyzes two kinds of customer data:

  • Text data from customer satisfaction surveys, social media interactions, customer reviews on product or service web sites, transactional information, etc.; and
  • Voice data from customer support and feedback calls. 

The platform uses topic modeling to understand the key topics that customers are talking about or deem important, and computes sentiment scores to understand positive or negative opinions of customers with respect to a product or service offering.

ExTrack can enable retailers to understand these customer insights via interactive data visualizations powered by Tableau and Qlik Sense.

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