BitBox Gives A Single View Of Locations Across The Company

BitBox, a Platform-as-a-Service solution provider, helps retailers monitor their locations and aggregate data to enable better data-driven decision making. The software lets retailers with multiple sites develop a centralized view of the entire operation, letting them connect locations and bolster operations across the company through a single unit in each facility.

The BitBox hardware connects information captured from IoT devices, “smart” devices and other tools, and securely transfers them to the BitEngine through ethernet, Internet, WiFi or a 4G network. Once the solution has been deployed and wired, no further on-site configuration is required.

Retailers can use the platform to view all of their sites from a central dashboard, as well as look at performance criteria or set up more sophisticated reports. These can be used to handle preventative maintenance at multiple sites as well as to power data-driven decisions and maximize the capabilities of IoT devices.

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