Algopix Delivers Product Market Research For EBay, Amazon Sellers

Algopix is a product research platform that is designed to provide eBay and Amazon sellers with product market research data to make informed business decisions.

The platform provides insights into competitors, expenses, item popularity and more, to help sellers decide what to buy and where to sell it. Using real data and advanced algorithms, Algopix provides a ‘Recommended’ or ‘Not Recommended’ indicator for each market to make the process as easy as possible.

Key data points provided by Algopix include:


  • Product Identifiers;
  • Recommended Market Price;
  • Detailed Expenses Breakdown;
  • Competitive Analysis;
  • Demand Level; and
  • Estimated Profit.

Amazon and eBay sellers can access detailed analysis of the expenses related to selling a product, including shipping fees (FBA fees for Amazon markets), marketplace fees, PayPal fees and taxes for each market of interest. Using this information, online sellers can better understand the impact to their bottom line.

Sellers can analyze up to 200 products at a time via the Algopix Multi Item Analysis beta platform, and upload a price quote or any other product list to receive actionable insights.

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