[24] Unveils New Conversational Commerce Capabilities For AIVA Chatbot

0aaaSS 247AIVA Image[24], a customer engagement solutions company, has debuted advanced conversational capabilities for its AI-powered virtual agent [24]7 AIVA.

The advanced conversational AI is designed to detect user emotion, acknowledge it, respond empathetically and take logical actions, just like a human agent. The bot can detect positive or negative emotion, and also analyze the strength of those emotions and react accordingly before handing over to a human agent as needed.

The technology is designed to help retailers:

  • Keep up with increasing volumes and consumer demand;
  • Reduce support costs;
  • Grow digital adoption and containment, and
  • Improve customer satisfaction.

The new Modeling Workbench tool can give enterprises transparency and control over the models and algorithms that predict customer intent. In addition to building and customizing models, developers and data scientists can now test and tune to improve accuracy with granular insight into model scoring, data transformations and day zero algorithms.

Additionally, the platform’s Single Journey Viewer provides a consolidated view of customer engagement, including interactions across channels and transactions across systems, for improved customer service and complaint resolution.

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