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If you’re looking for experts’ perspectives on the retail environment or a detailed look at the latest retail industry trends, check out the Retail TouchPoints Industry Insights section. Topics cover the gamut from Omnichannel and Mobile to Shopper Engagement and Retail CRM. These articles can help round out a complete look at specific retail segments or the industry as a whole.

In-Store Search Solutions Empower Shoppers To Navigate Aisles

Online search has become an integral part of the way consumers shop. The same concept is coming to life for brick-and-mortar retail stores with new and innovative ways to search and navigate. With the buzz centered on the customer experience, it’s become increasingly important for retailers to provide consumers with simple convenience and assistance.

AT&T Unveils Surface Technology As Latest Component of Customer Experience Initiative

Microsoft’s Surface technology made its consumer debut this week at five of AT&T’s retail locations in New York, Atlanta, San Antonio and San Francisco. Given the intense focus on customer churn in the wireless industry, AT&T is making sizable investments in customer experience and is using the innovative touch technology as a key differentiator for its stores.

Social Media Analytics: The Core Of The ‘Me-Tailing’ Movement

Part I of Retail TouchPoints’ multi-part feature exploring trends and developments in social media analytics, the business intelligence it provides, and real-life applications underway at Bonobos; Chico’s;; Pacific Sunwear; Room & Board Home Furnishings; Walmart; and Warby Parker. This first installment reviews the importance of, and trends in, social media analytics, as observed by leading retail analysts. Subsequent installments, beginning with the June 5 newsletter, will cover social analytics solutions as well as current applications and their business value, based on input from several retail leaders. Today’s empowered shoppers want more personalized information and offers that appeal to their emotional needs. To that end, they are relying on social media to research and select personalized products and services. It’s the concept of “Me-Tailing:” the retail industry’s transition from transaction-based commerce to real-time, often one-to-one social network communications and marketing of brand experiences that satisfy consumers’ emotional wants and aspirations. At the core of Me-Tailing is social media analytics. This process starts with raking blogs, forums, video posts, social media web sites (including visual curation) and other online communities for predetermined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) revealed in these posts and conversations. Retail organizations analyze the data and use it to…
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