Interactive Video Advertising Draws in New Lottery Players

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When lottery winners win major jackpots, we often wonder — where did they buy their ticket? How did they win? We’ve all sat and watched the local news in awe at winners standing in front of local gas stations with an oversized check. We ask ourselves — what kind of lottery ticket or scratch-off did they buy, and how can I play to have a chance to be next?

The lottery is like a black box, leaving both players and advertisers in awe. For players, the questions arise: How did they manage to win? Where did they find luck’s embrace? Which games paved their path to victory? And in this vast sea of uncertainty, how can I play to possibly be next? The allure lingers as players want to discover the remaining treasures yet to be claimed.

For brands and advertisers in this space, the mystery is deeper. Who are these players who want to realize their jackpot dreams? What fuels their curiosity? What compelled them to participate on that fateful day, with which ticket in hand? And most intriguingly, how can we ignite the spark of desire that leads to a cash impulsive purchase?

The game creates a canvas where possibilities are painted and imagination takes flight. Players dream of that jackpot lifestyle while advertisers seek to comprehend the minds of those captivated by the various games that could get them there. State lotteries spend over half a billion dollars a year on advertising, so how can they connect the players with their games that will appeal most to their interest and dreams?


Visualizing Winning Jackpots Through Video Advertising

While gamification may be fun and engaging as well as bringing a certain playfulness to a brand’s persona, it often does not drive real world impact. However, video can increase engagement through playful interaction while encouraging true business results.

With Americans spending approximately $100 billion on state lotteries annually, advertisers looking to captivate their audience and boost brand recognition should harness the power of video. With its ability to tell compelling stories and foster a strong brand connection, video alone can make a significant impact. However, by incorporating interactive elements, lottery advertisers can take it a step further, delving into mid- and low-funnel efforts that drive ticket sales.

Enhancements such as dynamic location maps heighten consumer consideration while showcasing the proximity and convenience of nearby retailers. Driving people to their nearest point of purchase and play, video advertising becomes an engaging and effective tool, ensuring consumers know exactly where to participate in the lottery. 

Unlock the Thrill of the Lottery Through Interactivity

In the world of spontaneous purchases, the key is getting people into local stores to indulge in the excitement as quickly as possible, or at least before the next drawing. By enticing potential players with a captivating variety of ticket options and the opportunity to experience the tangible allure of lotteries, brands can spark their curiosity and unleash their willingness to spend a few extra dollars for some entertainment.

With interactive elements, advertisers can unleash the full potential of video by incorporating hot spots and image carousels, allowing viewers to explore the diverse range of tickets and their captivating themes. Video ads can demystify more complex games by providing step-by-step instructions, ensuring that even the most intricate lotteries are accessible to all.

While the lottery itself enjoys widespread awareness, it becomes crucial to drive awareness of specific games and products (just like any products under a larger umbrella) to create the sense of urgency and interest.

Bring in a Sense of Urgency and Relevance

Looking to attract new players and ignite their desire to participate? Incorporate personalized or custom-themed relevant messaging into digital ads to create a sense of relevance. For example, many states support a Monopoly themed scratch-off ticket, a game that is wildly popular amongst consumers of all ages and even used by one of the largest international fast food chains to promote play. Co-branded tickets allow lotteries to more effectively target individuals by their interest and entice non-regular players to join in the excitement and purchase a ticket for a quick form of entertainment.

To add a touch of urgency and make playing the lottery a part of a player’s daily plan, introduce compelling elements into your message that make lotto players act now. For example, highlight the live jackpot amount as it soars, showcase the winners within their area and urge them to play today before someone else snatches the prize. Alternatively, reveal the number of remaining tickets at the prize level, creating anticipation and emphasizing that time is running out. This way, players will realize they still have a chance to claim the ultimate victory before it’s too late.

Advertisers should begin to embrace the potential of video advertising and watch as it transforms your lottery campaign into a winning success. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure – your winning ticket awaits just around the corner!

Jess Clemens is Senior Specialist, Client Partnerships – Lottery and Gambling at She works with’s Media and Entertainment vertical team to develop strategic digital video solutions for lottery advertisers. Prior to joining (formerly Exponential), Clemens spent eight years working agency-side. Most recently, she was the Associate Director on the California Lottery digital planning and buying team at Horizon Media.

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