Getting Your Displays And POS Right For The World Cup

  • Written by  Debra Jamieson, UK POS

VP site only UK POS head shotThe World Cup has well and truly kicked off and retailers are already benefitting from the international event as nations come together to support their home teams. As such, the event is the perfect opportunity to make the most of your retail space and boost takings as fans tune into one of the most talked about sporting events of the summer. estimated that the World Cup will generate nearly £1.3bn in sales for UK retailers, pubs and restaurants if England makes it through the second round. Retailers everywhere will be reaping the rewards from the event, so it’s worth taking a look around your shop floor to see if there’s anything more you can do to appeal to sport savvy shoppers on the lookout for a bargain.

Simple changes to your point of sale (POS), visual merchandising and promotional displays are a great way to shout about in-store events, special offers or even just provide additional information such as football scores or longer opening times.  

Here are a few suggestions for implementing an effective POS and display strategy into your store in time to make the most of the World Cup:

Embracing Football Fever

Tapping into people’s existing excitement is key to maximising sales. If you’re running World Cup specific offers, make it clear to passing traffic that your store is celebrating the event. The nature of your decorations will clearly depend on the style of your business, but you need to make it clear that offers are in conjunction with the event itself.

This can include displaying whether using flags of colours from various countries and other football-themed decorations. You can also use signage in-store to encourage shoppers to enter a competition such as predicting daily scores or even taking part in a mock penalty shootout for free merchandise. Get into the spirit of it!

What Are You Promoting?

It’s worth asking yourself which of your products will draw customers in during the World Cup. Most deals will be welcomed by customers regardless of their theme, but keeping it relevant will make your deals go even further.

For example, recent research by Savvy Marketing revealed that among the UK shoppers they surveyed, 46% of them planned to purchase alcohol or snacks as part of the celebrations. Many respondents also indicated that they were planning to invite family and friends over to celebrate, so it’s no wonder that 65 per cent of shoppers also stated that they would be on the lookout for offers on beer and cider. Pallet card holders, for example, are a great way to promote crates of beer or other beverages. 

Signs Lead The Way

Whatever promotions you have running you need to let your customers know about them. Effective displays and POS are designed to be seen by as many as possible and initiate action, so use these to make the most of your World Cup themed promotions.

It may sound simple, but ensure that you make it clear how much your products cost with clear signage on your shelves and along the aisles. For example, you’ll find that many retailers promoting certain products will draw the customer’s eye to the products they particularly want to push. Promo sign holders make the product stand out while shelf-talkers are important for displaying the promotional prices clearly.

The Customer Journey

It’s important to gain an understanding of the path a customer takes through your store from the entrance to the till and the key points in between.  You need to draw passers-by into your store, and once in, to focus their attention towards the products you are most keen for them to purchase.

Displays outside of your store are a brilliant way to draw new customers in who may not have noticed you before. A pavement sign standing outside the door with your World Cup offer, for example, will encourage people to come and have a look around.

Bear in mind, however, that POS equipment should always reflect the style of your establishment. If you have a professional image, go for wall mounted poster holders or LED displays that will complement the image you’re trying to promote. Equally, if you have more of a shabby-chic vibe running throughout, chalk A-Boards, which you can write on time and time again, can work brilliantly to get the necessary information across to customers, without compromising their perception of your store that you’ve worked so hard to establish.  

Once customers are inside, you need to guide them round the shop floor. Examples of useful POS equipment include; show card stands, which can be used to point shoppers in the right direction, ‘wobblers’ that hang along the aisles to draw the eye, and large containers or ‘dump bins’, which retailers can use to pile up stock, are great placed at the tills for encouraging shoppers to take advantage of those offers you have on a particular product.

Great point of sale will promote your store and what it has to offer, feature timely and targeted messages, and be creative and attention-grabbing.  Do this during the World Cup and you’re sure to score well with customers.

Debra Jamieson is the Sales and Marketing Director at UK Point of Sale (UK POS), an expert UK manufacturer in providing quality acrylic & PVC point of sale solutions at competitive prices. UK POS was established in 1989 and are the preferred supplier to many major retailers. 

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