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Emarsys Enlists Antavo To Bring Behavior-Based Rewards To Online Retail

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Cloud marketing software provider Emarsys has partnered with Antavo, an e-Commerce reward program developer, to provide its e-Commerce customers with loyalty programs based on rewarding behaviors and engagement. With this partnership, Emarsys clients in the U.S., UK, Canada and Ireland can take advantage of Antavo’s loyalty programs within their online…

Is Good Karma The Newest Customer Reward? Featured

Several years ago I heard a futurist predict what the retail economy would be like by 2020. One of his big ideas was that consumers would begin to monetize themselves, "selling" things such as their private information, their attention to a given marketing message and the right to address personalized communications to them. Now, four years ahead of schedule, some consumers are being rewarded by retailers for actions they take, but the big difference is that they aren't earning money. They're being showered with an incentive they can't take to the bank: good karma.

Jo-Ann Fabrics Deploys Mobile App To Reward Loyalty, Woo Millennials

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Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores has partnered with mobile shopping app provider Ibotta to offer cash-back rebates on in-store purchases. The multi-year partnership will provide Ibotta users with special offers and cash back options at any one of Jo-Ann Stores' 850+ retail locations. Through the partnership, Jo-Ann will utilize Ibotta's…

Which Wich Boosts Loyalty Registration 250% With Move To Digital Featured

In launching a new points-based digital rewards program in October 2015, Which Wich Superior Sandwiches not only increased its total registration counts by more than 250%, but also bolstered market penetration and saw increased spending among rewards members. Built on the Paytronix rewards platform, the Vibe Club Rewards Program is scaled across 400 Which Wich restaurants nationwide and integrates with the sandwich shop’s POS and online ordering system.

Architecting A Converged Commerce Platform

Today’s connected consumer is accustomed to the advantages of leveraging both online and offline channels for an effortless, economical shopping experience. While multiple points of service have historically been the standard — retailers are looking at a uniform platform, ensuring consistent presence across touch points. This article studies the rationale behind the move, and the benefits that could accrue to the enterprise from it. In a recent digital report1, optimizing customer experience has been highlighted as an area promising ‘the most exciting opportunity’ for 2016. More than half of the retail respondents see customer service and experience as the primary driver of competitive differentiation over the next five years.

CMO Conversation: Moosejaw's Dan Pingree Featured

Freely admitting a tendency toward "dumb" content and marketing, Moosejaw is an entertaining outdoor retailer that doesn't ever take itself too seriously. Case in point, the example below: part of an image from a product page on the site. Recently, I had a chance to chat with Moosejaw's Vice President of Marketing, Dan Pingree, to find out what makes him and Moosejaw tick: Retail TouchPoints (RTP): How do you define your role as the head of marketing at Moosejaw? Dan Pingree: I have been here four years and my role overseeing the marketing team covers every part of the customer acquisition and retention journey. It's quite a broad role at Moosejaw compared to other places I've worked. We have data analytics, email marketing, SEO and SEM within our team, consistent with other companies. But we also manage creative — graphic designers, etc. One of the things that allows us…

Why Retailers Are Upgrading Their Retail Management And POS Systems

Generally speaking, retailers have three primary objectives in mind when it comes to new technology deployment. The first is to streamline business operations with the goal of increasing management and staff productivity and overall efficiency across the organization, leading to greater cost savings. The second is to drive revenue growth, which is accomplished through improved marketing and sales effectiveness. The third objective is to enhance the customer experience, which should improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand advocacy — and, ultimately, of course, increase revenue and profitability.

Top CRM Questions Asked By Marketers For Marketers Featured

Last week I attended the annual Customer Relationship Management Conference (CRMC) in Chicago. With approximately 700 retailers, solution providers and other industry experts in attendance, 2016 was the largest CRMC event to date. Not surprisingly, much of the content at CRMC focuses on loyalty programs, customer analytics and overall CRM. I've found that some of the most compelling content during events comes out of the Q&A portion of the sessions. Following are some key insights from GameStop, Dunkin' Brands, Aveda, Etsy and more as they address questions asked by their fellow marketers.

MCX Pulls The Plug On CurrentC Payments App

Despite its initial backing by retail powerhouses including Walmart, Target and Best Buy, the CurrentC mobile payments platform has run out of juice. A beta test in Columbus, Ohio will end on June 28. Launched by the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) in 2014 amid high hopes of providing an alternative…

Unified Commerce Platform: Common Goal, Uncommon Reality Featured

While retailers are embracing the concept of unified commerce, with three out of four planning to have a single commerce platform within three years, the majority of organizations have yet to fully commit to this technology in 2016. Only 23% of North American retailers have implemented a unified commerce platform, according to Boston Retail Partners (BRP).

5 Steps To Secure Customer Loyalty Today

Thanks to powerful mobile devices, the whole world is a consumer’s marketplace. It's easy to compare features and prices, read reviews and buy online or at the point-of-sale. This ready access to information can tempt consumers to feel less loyal towards their favorite brands, but retailers have more power to stem this tide than they may realize. That ability is in the experience they give their customers throughout their interactions. That’s why email remains one of the most effective marketing tools for engaging with your fickle customers — when done right. However, it can’t be solved with yesterday’s “batch and blast” approach to bulk email marketing. It simply doesn't work anymore, in no small part because of the poor experience it presents to a customer. Instead, a retailer must be ready to engage on a one-on-one basis with each of its customers at the moment they're ready to buy. 

Want To Make Your Loyalty Program More Valuable? Give Customers The Power To Choose

Loyalty programs are more popular than ever before. From 2013 to 2015, the number of loyalty program memberships increased 26% – reaching 3.3 billion in the process. The $48 billion industry is worth more than the video game and movie industries combined. While such rapid growth may catch some by surprise, retailers are well aware of loyalty programs’ impact on a company’s bottom line. After all, it can be five times more cost-effective to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one.
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