Appsee Helps Developers And Publishers Improve App User Experience

AppSeeSuccessful solutions are based on a thorough understanding of end users’ needs and how the product or service will be utilized to best fulfill those needs.

Appsee (formerly UserVOD) is a visual analytics tool that helps app developers and publishers better understand how users are interacting with an app. In addition to providing user statistics, Appsee reveals the reasons behind user behaviors. The in-app analytics platform provides insights into user taps, swipes, pinches, screen changes and more. Developers and publishers who leverage these insights can optimize apps to increase user engagement, conversions and in-app monetization.

The Appsee solution records user sessions, including gestures and problems faced, then provides visual reports. Heatmaps identify the places users are touching and where they aren’t, to help identify both popular and disregarded buttons and features. Conversion funnels reveal user steps taken and abandoned; Graphical and video reports disclose step process sequences to identify opportunities for conversion rate and ROI increases. The solution also detects crashed sessions and records the results, in order to prevent future malfunctions.

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