Retail Fashion Brands On Pinterest [Infographic]


Retailers are quickly adapting to new social sites such as Pinterest. In fact, through the use of curated content, retailers are relying on word of mouth to help build on brand awareness. Although L.L. Bean has collected the largest number of followers on Pinterest -- due to the Pinterest recommended follow button -- other retailers were able to generate buzz within the Pinterest-sphere: Anthropologie received 310,000 brand mentions; Urban Outfitters reached 305,000 brand mentions; and Gap received 172,000 brand mentions.

Anthropologie also was able to engage with pinners by offering relevant pins, which resulted in close to 70% of Anthropologie pins being repinned more than 100 times.

This infographic, courtesy of Pin League, shares the results of a 2012 Q4 Pinterest study and offers retailers tips on how to effectively engage with consumers via the social network.

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