Workforce Empowerment: How Mobile Devices Can Benefit The Entire Enterprise

As mobile shopping becomes increasingly friction-free, brick-and-mortar retailers need to deliver an experience that can’t be replicated — let alone improved — online. Mobile devices can help stores meet this need, by making every employee an expert and turning out-of-stocks into a problem of the past.

However, it’s not enough to simply purchase “the next shiny object” and hope that sales and customer satisfaction will rise on their own. Because the potential capabilities of mobile solutions are vast, retailers need to focus on the areas that best complement their current strategies before choosing a solution.

Some of the key considerations explored in this report include:

  • Empowering associates and managers: Frontline workers backed by accurate inventories have more confidence, while empowered managers have more time for customer-facing tasks;
  • In-store vs. personal devices: Both approaches have their benefits and challenges, particularly with regard to security and workflows; and
  • Data collection possibilities: The benefits of mobile don’t necessarily end at the sales floor — corporate leadership can use these tools to help them refine their broader strategies.

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