Winning With Pages From Amazon’s Playbook

Amazon has been the success story in the retail industry for the past decade (and also the cause of many sleepless nights among its competitors).

Retailers are fighting for their survival and future success in a variety of ways. Two of the largest retailers, Target and Walmart, are countering Amazon’s delivery promise with their own. Retailers also are investing in updated omnichannel loyalty initiatives and technologies to transform the in-store experience into a compelling reason for consumers to go to the store.

This Special Report will examine core technologies being used by disruptive brands to either keep pace with the rising customer expectations Amazon has helped to fuel, or in some cases even gain an edge with enhanced offerings.

Categories that will be examined include:

  • Personalization
  • Unified Commerce
  • Promotional Strategies
  • Order/Pickup Solutions
  • Pricing
  • Reviews/Recommendations
  • Customer Engagement
  • Profit Optimized Inventory

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