Is Sound The QR Code Killer?

Is Sound The QR Code Killer?

More and more retailers are considering the QR code for a variety of use cases. After all, others—including restaurants, coffee shops, and department stores—are using these codes to enhance the customer experience. Customers are then using them to pay for products using their mobile devices, skipping lines, and earning rewards.

However, the convenience of mobile payments via QR code is not enough to make it the right choice for retailers. Why? Because beyond this convenience lies the customer's desire for security, flexibility and a seamless experience.

Retail is ready for a better solution, and ultrasonic technology is rising up as a formidable opponent. Check out this report to learn:

  • Why ultrasonic technology is a safer alternative to QR codes; and
  • The advantages of an ultrasonic wallet, including transaction control and improved CX.

Check out the white paper now!

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