The 2017 Store Operations Superstar Awards

10 Retailers Win Store Operations Superstar Awards

Retailers are upping their game when it comes to store operations in 2017 and beyond. Facing an increasing number of bankruptcies and store closings, retailers must focus on new digital strategies, omnichannel approaches, employee motivation and a better overall customer experience.

In this sixth annual Store Operations Superstar Awards, Retail TouchPoints recognizes companies that have implemented the most innovative, successful store operations strategies in six categories. The winners run the gamut from Tier 1 department stores to specialty retail businesses.

2017 Store Operations Superstar Award Winners

Digital Innovation
Gold: Walmart
Silver: Neiman Marcus

Loss Prevention
Gold: 7-Eleven

Customer Engagement
Gold: Big Lots
Silver: Cabela's

Workforce Management
Gold: Lindt Chocolate
Silver: E&H Family Group

Store Format Innovation
Gold: Target
Silver: GameStop

Internal Operations
Gold: Under Armour

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Digital Sourcing In The New Retail Economy

Improving Innovation, Collaboration, And Speed In The Supply Chain

Make cloud-based digital sourcing a key part of your product development strategy in order to:

  • Make more profitable operational decisions;
  • Get the best product to market at the right price; and
  • Uncover trends around commodity pricing and currency fluctuation.

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5 Benefits Of Cloud-Based Mobile Retail Solutions

Aligning Retail Teams To Enhance Analytics And Streamline Operations Across All Stores

Make cloud-based mobile retail solutions a key part of your operational strategy in order to:

  • Conduct as many as 30% more store audits with digital solutions and generate reports up to eight times faster than paper audits;
  • Gain an average of 240 hours of work per year by empowering employees with mobile applications; and
  • Maximize vendor compliance.

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2017 Store Operations Survey Report

Exclusive 2017 Survey: Stores Leverage Mobile, Fulfillment Updates To Improve Operations

Stores are weathering tough times in 2017: closures, bankruptcies, private equity buyouts and continuing declines in foot traffic. But there's strong evidence that a large number of consumers still prefer the store shopping experience.

Retailers are keenly aware that they must provide a superlative store experience whenever shoppers do visit their physical locations. For the fifth year, Retail TouchPoints has surveyed retailers to identify their most pressing store operations challenges, and the tools and tactic s they are using to meet those challenges.

Key findings of the 2017 Retail TouchPoints Store Operations Survey include:

  • 55% of retailers are investing in new technologies as their most important store operations priority this year;
  • 73% of retailers already arm their stores associates with mobile technology, or plan to do so in the near future;
  • Mobile benefits include increased customer satisfaction (58%), improved employee morale (44%) and increased upsells and cross-sells (42%);
  • 58% of retailers already offer BOPIS, and another 13% plan to add the service; and
  • 41% of retailers still credit store associates only for items purchased in the store, not for sales originating in another channel.

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Aligning Merchandising and Marketing Decisions With Shopper Preferences

Total Store Optimization Moves Retail Beyond Category Management

Managing assortment, pricing and promotions on a category-by-category basis is no longer sustainable in today's digitally competitive retail environment. Retailers need strategies that deliver a more individualized, shopper-oriented experience.

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The Retailer’s Blueprint For Success: Enabling Great Customer Experiences

Today's retailers must adapt to deliver on changing customer expectations. Set your business up for success with this helpful guide from NetSuite, which uncovers:

  • The 5 pillars to building a unified customer experience;
  • Real-world case studies from Prospect Brands, Wingtip and Hammitt.
  • Key challenges around disruptions in retail; and
  • Modern business systems for retailers.

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Acting On The 'Why' Behind Successful Shopper Marketing Strategies

Retailers like Go Wireless, and TEAM Wireless are tapping shopper psychology to improve marketing tactics.

Better signage, video content, digital displays and endless aisle information are driving a boost in sales, revenue and loyalty.

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In-Store Innovators Playbook

Discover the untapped potential of weather strategy

Retail inventory plans are heavily influenced by the previous year's selling season, which is significantly impacted by the weather. Retailers that use analytics to measure the weather's impact can significantly improve demand forecasting by addressing these four areas:

  • Extreme weather response;
  • Seasonal inventory planning;
  • Personalized CX ; and
  • Staff resource optimization.

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Prada Success Story

The Prada Group uses Cloud4Wi Volare platform to transform in-store customer experience in about 500 stores worldwide

The Prada Group realized customer satisfaction and loyalty could be at risk because in-store Wi-Fi was not available.

By implementing the Cloud4Wi Volare platform, The Prada Group was able to:

  • Provide free customer Wi-Fi with fast and easy login;
  • Match shoppers' devices with a unique digital identity; and
  • Collect better customer demographic and in-store behavior data.

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Develop An Omnichannel Competitive Advantage

How An Integrated Platform Drives Supply Chain Excellence

An optimized supply chain can improve margins, boost productivity and provide a seamless omnichannel experience for consumers. One fast fashion retailer reduced items shipped by more than 50% with optimized sell-through and demand-pull data. Download this white paper to uncover nine benefits of an optimized supply chain, including:

  • Consolidated inventory management;
  • Business-aware merchandise planning;
  • Intelligent allocation and replenishment; and
  • Improved cross-department collaboration.

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