The Pricing Evolution

RevionicsWPIncreased competition, data deluge and the connected consumer have created a perfect storm that requires retailers to reexamine their pricing strategies.

Rules-based pricing, though tempting, cannot recognize or adapt to changing customer and competitor behaviors. Shifting to an optimized, customer centric pricing solution can allow retailers to survive and thrive during the upcoming storm.


Is ‘Name-Your-Own Price’ The Next Step In Retail Personalization?

shadow RTP RT047 SR Pricing Feb 2015In the current omnichannel climate, retailers are working to create seamless experiences across all touch points. Simultaneously, retailers are focusing on developing more compelling and personalized assortments, offers and prices across all channels. Both initiatives will help retail organizations stand out against competitors, while satisfying today's demanding shoppers. 


Calculating The Value Of Lifecycle Price Optimization

ibm-rsr on24 report ebookRetailers and manufacturers used to be able to determine what products to sell, where to sell them and for what price, but technology-enabled shopping options for consumers changed the game. Shoppers now have the tools to make informed purchasing decisions at the best price and in the way that best suits their needs.


Investigating The Next Generation Of Store Operations


More than half (53%) of retailers today are arming store associates with tablets and smartphones to look up product information (60%), access inventory levels (50%) and more, according to the Retail TouchPoints Store Operations Survey.

The below infographic uncovers key findings from the survey report, which outlines trends regarding employee training and engagement, omnichannel order fulfillment, and pricing and promotions strategies.

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