Aligning Merchandising and Marketing Decisions With Shopper Preferences

Total Store Optimization Moves Retail Beyond Category Management

Managing assortment, pricing and promotions on a category-by-category basis is no longer sustainable in today's digitally competitive retail environment. Retailers need strategies that deliver a more individualized, shopper-oriented experience.

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How To Build A Brand Without Promotional Discounts

By offering discounts, retailers create an expectation that another discount could be right around the corner. But can retailers remain competitive on pricing without sacrificing long term viability? Download this white paper and learn why:

  • Discounting creates a downward spiral of lower pricing
  • How retailers can instill affordability without diluting their brand
  • Why you should provide financing as an alternative to affordability

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Price Wars: How Retailers Can Compete With Unique Product Assortments & Customer-Segmented Promotions

Pricing continues to be a sensitive subject for both retailers and consumers. Can you blame either one? On one hand, retailers are struggling to figure out how to implement pricing strategies that can go head to head with big players like Amazon. On the other hand, consumers are savvy and capable of comparing prices on the spot, and they are always prepared to walk out of the store when they feel they can get a better price elsewhere.


Your Essential 2017 E-Commerce Calendar

All the important dates you need to kick off 2017

Essential e-Commerce dates, events, tips and topics  to get ahead in 2017. Download this calendar as a guide to keep your e-Commerce enterprise prepared for the first half of the year with:2017 with:

  • Winter-proof digital marketing, customer feedback and fulfillment strategies;
  • Springtime product data organization methods and campaign testing tips; and
  • Summer-ready marketplace and search engine optimization tactics.

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The Consumer Trends Report — 2017 Edition

Multiple Channels. One Experience.

Consumers don't look at online and in-store as different channels. As many as 94% of consumers are researching online before visiting a store. Download this white paper to unlock key trends to deliver the omnichannel initiatives customers crave, including:

  • Consistent pricing across channels;
  • Individualized buying experiences;
  • Interactive content to influence purchase decisions;
  • Personalized homepage recommendations; and
  • Multiple fulfillment options.

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2016 Retail Analysis: Thanksgiving To Cyber Monday

Learn how leading retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy,, Target, Toys "R" Us and Walmart led the 2016 holiday season in online pricing and assortment. Download the white paper to unlock key online pricing and assortment results, including:

Availability of the top 100 toys and electronics;
Out-of-stock products during Black Friday and Cyber Monday;
Pricing trends from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday;
Retailers offering the lowest prices; and
Amazon's average price trend compared to last year.

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These 3 Retail Trends Will Shape Your 2017 Profitability

Anyone can launch an e-Commerce business today. That means disruptors can take away market share from established players. Download These 3 Retail Trends Will Shape Your 2017 Profitability and learn how to separate yourself from the pack by:

  • Optimizing the mobile user experience;
  • Offering diverse payment options; and
  • Creating better buying experiences to counter the "Amazon Effect".

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Don’t Just Cut Prices. Craft Them With Dynamic Pricing.

Does your retail business have the pricing strategies in place to keep pace with Amazon, and other disruptive brands?

Download this E-book to learn how you can capture customer attention and dollars by leveraging the five tenets of dynamic pricing:

  • Understand your customers
  • Identify meaningful competitors
  • Be strategic, be you
  • Use data, science and technology
  • Make intelligent decisions in real time

2016 Pricing Regroup: To Hike Or Not To Hike

Retailers might be forgiven for being just a tad schizophrenic when it comes to the topic of pricing. On one hand, they know that competitive price intelligence and price optimization are “business basics” in today’s retail environment. Consumers can compare products and prices virtually anywhere via their mobile devices, and because Amazon can shift prices multiple times per day, advanced pricing tools are a must-have for all other retailers.


9 Behavioral Insights For In-Store Promotions

Offers are a core part of retailers’ marketing mix. However, because consumers today have access to so many product and pricing options, retailers need to ensure that their offers are relevant, and are published at the right time and through the right channel.

This infographic, courtesy of Eversight, spotlights nine behavioral insights for in-store promotions that appeal to consumers and drive superior ROI.

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