How WiFi And Mobility Solutions Are Transforming Retail Operations And The Customer Experience

According to IDC research, top priorities for retailers include mobilizing the workforce, IoT, cloud, and customer analytics. Learn more about how cloud managed WiFi and mobility solutions are becoming critical in digital transformation strategies by enabling retailers to:

  • Execute seamless and frictionless omnichannel experiences;
  • Enable mobile POS, inventory management and other WiFi-enabled operations; and
  • Gain agility and free up IT resources by deploying cloud managed WiFi.

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Mobile First: Harnessing The App Lifecycle For Transformative Business Success

Make mobile-first a key part of your digital strategy in order to:

  • Gain insights via the daily digital data trail;
  • Shape decisions on marketing strategy, media investments and operations planning;
  • Drive purchase conversions; and
  • Generate revenue through in-app advertising and mobile marketing automation campaigns.

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Digital Sourcing In The New Retail Economy

Improving Innovation, Collaboration, And Speed In The Supply Chain

Make cloud-based digital sourcing a key part of your product development strategy in order to:

  • Make more profitable operational decisions;
  • Get the best product to market at the right price; and
  • Uncover trends around commodity pricing and currency fluctuation.

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5 Benefits Of Cloud-Based Mobile Retail Solutions

Aligning Retail Teams To Enhance Analytics And Streamline Operations Across All Stores

Make cloud-based mobile retail solutions a key part of your operational strategy in order to:

  • Conduct as many as 30% more store audits with digital solutions and generate reports up to eight times faster than paper audits;
  • Gain an average of 240 hours of work per year by empowering employees with mobile applications; and
  • Maximize vendor compliance.

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Mobile Data: The Missing Link In Your User Acquisition And Engagement Strategies

Mobile devices generate a plethora of data, and this data can provide you with a lot of context about your consumers.

With mobile data, you can understand your target consumers' behaviors and preferences, including the websites they visit, the games they play, the videos they watch, and the places they go.

Start using mobile data to your advantage. Download this white paper to learn how you can craft more contextual acquisition and engagement campaigns.


Mobile Web Opportunity: How to craft personalized experiences designed for a mobile-first world

Did you know only 19% of consumers prefer shopping on a mobile device over shopping on a desktop? But 60% of e-Commerce traffic originates on smartphones.

In this whitepaper, Dynamic Yield shares 6 steps to win the mobile-first customer:

  • Use cross-device behaviors to target customer segments;
  • Construct a single, unified view of each customer;
  • Prevent mobile cart abandonment with targeted messaging;
  • Create robust product recommendations;
  • Optimize e-Commerce for the small screen; and
  • Engage customers based on cross-device activity.

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These 3 Retail Trends Will Shape Your 2017 Profitability

Anyone can launch an e-Commerce business today. That means disruptors can take away market share from established players. Download These 3 Retail Trends Will Shape Your 2017 Profitability and learn how to separate yourself from the pack by:

  • Optimizing the mobile user experience;
  • Offering diverse payment options; and
  • Creating better buying experiences to counter the "Amazon Effect".

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5 Overlooked Site Search Issues That Steal Your Sales

Improve your e-Commerce site search to nurture customer loyalty and boost revenue. Learn about the 5 Overlooked Site Search Issues That Steal Your Sales in this new whitepaper:

  • Don't ignore the tail
  • Presentation matters
  • Not everyone is shopping
  • Zero results are bad; irrelevant results are worse
  • Mobile is changing the game

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Omnishopper 2017: The Rise Of The Networked Shopper

Ever-changing shopper behavior and preferences are impacting retail industry transformation today and into the future. Prepare to exceed shopper expectations by understanding their journey. Download the Omnishopper 2017 shopper report to unlock the five drivers of consumer transformation, including:

  • Increasing pre-purchase research;
  • Demographic differences in technology choices;
  • Loyalty to current brands;
  • Changing channel value propositions;
  • The growing value of experiences over things

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Are Your Store Systems Stuck In The Dark Ages?

Take this quiz to uncover how the latest digital, mobile, promotional and inventory tracking upgrades can future-proof store system capabilities, including:

  • Cart abandonment retargeting;
  • Loyalty program redemption and management;
  • Real-time payment processing; and
  • Inventory tracking across all locations.
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