Owning The Amazon Search Results Page

Wondering how you can boost your sales on the dominant Amazon marketplace? You're in the right place.

This E-book will help you discover how to make your listings show up – and stand out – by breaking down the main components of the Amazon Marketplace and the ways Amazon consumers shop. You'll learn how to:

  • Optimize your Amazon search results
  • Win the Buy Box
  • Boost your visibility with advertising

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2018 E-Commerce Outlook Guide

11 Experts Share Top Trends In Digital Retail

The third annual Retail TouchPoints E-Commerce Outlook Guide offers a broad range of information and insight into online retailing, from the ever-growing influence of mobile to expanded capabilities for personalization in the digital world. The 11 industry experts contributing to this year's Guide have provided practical advice into many of today's hottest topics as well as their 2018 forecasts on:

  • Personalization and customization;
  • AI and machine learning;
  • International expansion;
  • Voice-assisted shopping's potential;
  • Unified commerce; and
  • The ongoing impact of Amazon's Whole Foods acquisition.

Download the full report now for tips on navigating the upcoming holiday season, as well as the uncharted waters of 2018.


7 Secrets To Amazon Success: How Online Retailers Can Get Ahead On

You already understand the incredible revenue opportunity Amazon Marketplace represents for e-commerce sellers. But with millions of retailers and brands battling it out for potential customers, Amazon success is no longer a given. It has to be earned.

This new eBook reveals seven of the secrets successful sellers consistently use to get ahead on Amazon, including:

  • Optimizing search terms
  • Leveraging Amazon Prime
  • Using a repricing tool
  • Winning the Buy Box
  • And more

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2018 E-Commerce Tech Preview: Insights From 15 Industry Experts

Retail TouchPoints is proud to introduce the third annual E-Commerce Technology Preview, featuring insights from 15 e-Commerce industry experts.

This guide offers an exclusive and unique look at how retailers are gearing up for e-Commerce and omnichannel success in 2018 and beyond.

This comprehensive collection of e-Commerce thought leadership will help retailers determine the most effective go-forward business strategies. Best practices, trends, strategies and technologies are dissected and discussed by the following executives:

Omer Artun, AgilOne
Bryan Chagoly, Bazaarvoice
Jared Blank, Bluecore
Allen Nance, Emarsys
Jennifer Sherman, Kibo
Peter Sheldon, Magento
James Green, Magnetic
Maribeth Ross, Monetate
Oscar Sachs, Salesfloor
Rob Garf, Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Juliana Pereira, Smartling
Jim Davidson, TurnTo
Mihir Kittur, Ugam
Pete Olanday, Vertex
Brian Rigney, Zmags

Key topics include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI);
  • Personalization;
  • To Beat Or Join Amazon;
  • Data Science; and
  • Mobile-First Strategies.

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5 Benefits Of Cloud-Based Mobile Retail Solutions

Aligning Retail Teams To Enhance Analytics And Streamline Operations Across All Stores

Make cloud-based mobile retail solutions a key part of your operational strategy in order to:

  • Conduct as many as 30% more store audits with digital solutions and generate reports up to eight times faster than paper audits;
  • Gain an average of 240 hours of work per year by empowering employees with mobile applications; and
  • Maximize vendor compliance.

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Implementing AI-Powered Commerce With Einstein

Best Practice Guide

Take advantage of AI-powered commerce to gather real-time behavioral data and enable:

  • Personalized search results;
  • Enhanced product recommendations;
  • Reduced manual merchandising tasks; and
  • Increased average order value.

Get the best practice guide and anticipate your customer's next move today!


The 5 W's Of Drop Shipping Tax Rules

What Ecommerce Retailers Must Know

There are 11,000 different tax jurisdictions in the U.S. Are you prepared to ship legally and effectively?

This e-Book uncovers the important facts about drop shipping tax rules, including:

  • The importance of identifying the facility products are shipping from;
  • Which tax rules and rates apply to the customer's location; and
  • Where shipping charges are taxable.

Get a grip on drop shipping tax rules before it's too late


Converting Stores Into A Competitive Advantage: 6-Step Playbook

How Top Brands Are Applying Local Context To Drive Traffic And Conversion Across Both Online And Brick & Mortar

This E-Book outlines six ways retailers are applying local context to drive traffic and conversions across both online channels and brick-and-mortar stores, including how to:

  • Monetize mobile;
  • Supercharge social; and
  • Add relevance to ad targeting.

Get the 6-step guide now to learn how retailers such as Zumiez and GUESS are bridging digital with physical to drive traffic and conversion.


The Evolving E-Commerce Consumer Journey

The days of a consistent and reliable "search, click, buy" process are long gone. In its place is often a complicated web of deliberate steps, each one inching your target consumer closer to the "buy now" button over the course of many days, weeks or months.

This continually-evolving journey is no longer a clear-cut funnel, but more of a maze. Each consumer path is unique and uncertain — which means today's e-commerce seller hasn't reached its full potential until it's maintaining a strong presence at every twist and turn.

Download this white paper to learn how to leverage a wide range of marketplace and digital marketing tactics to reach consumers at any stage of their journey.


Beyond Authenticity: Winning consumer trust through co-creation, transparency and typography

Did you know that 56% of consumers are more-likely to buy a product they saw in a user-generated image? Today's cynical consumers want to be part of your brand's story, rather than merely being sold to.

Read the E-book Beyond Authenticity: Winning consumer trust through co-creation, transparency and typography, and understand the importance of:

  • Building trust with consumer involvement;
  • Boosting brand authenticity with transparent business practices; and
  • Choosing design and typefaces that reflect the brand DNA

Download this E-book to drive consumer trust for your brand.

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