Strategy Guide: 3 Steps To Building Better Short-form Video Content

Check out this quick-hitting guide to learn three key steps to delighting shoppers with short-form video content. Plus, learn the best channels for releasing that content, including organic and paid social, email marketing, in-store strategies and more!

Real-world examples spotlight successful short-form video use cases, including how:

  • Aussie increased social engagement by 33%;
  • Kimpton Hotels amplified its display advertisements; and
  • Moen's Instagram Stories ads returned a 49% lower CPM over its standard Instagram ad buys.

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Mobile First: Harnessing The App Lifecycle For Transformative Business Success

Make mobile-first a key part of your digital strategy in order to:

  • Gain insights via the daily digital data trail;
  • Shape decisions on marketing strategy, media investments and operations planning;
  • Drive purchase conversions; and
  • Generate revenue through in-app advertising and mobile marketing automation campaigns.

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5 Benefits Of Cloud-Based Mobile Retail Solutions

Aligning Retail Teams To Enhance Analytics And Streamline Operations Across All Stores

Make cloud-based mobile retail solutions a key part of your operational strategy in order to:

  • Conduct as many as 30% more store audits with digital solutions and generate reports up to eight times faster than paper audits;
  • Gain an average of 240 hours of work per year by empowering employees with mobile applications; and
  • Maximize vendor compliance.

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Reinventing Retail: Cisco Reveals How Stores Can Surge Ahead On The Digital Transformation Journey

Did you know that 49% of retailers are using technologies that only enable existing capabilities? To create a successful digital transformation strategy, retailers must invest in technologies that can define and differentiate them from the pack.

Download this white paper to learn how cutting-edge retailers define and differentiate with investments in technologies that:

  • Integrate mobile data and WiFi with past purchase history to target in-store shoppers;
  • Use RFID tags to activate smart fitting rooms and mirrors; and
  • Offer improved access to corporate messaging and information.

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Beyond Authenticity: Winning consumer trust through co-creation, transparency and typography

Did you know that 56% of consumers are more-likely to buy a product they saw in a user-generated image? Today's cynical consumers want to be part of your brand's story, rather than merely being sold to.

Read the E-book Beyond Authenticity: Winning consumer trust through co-creation, transparency and typography, and understand the importance of:

  • Building trust with consumer involvement;
  • Boosting brand authenticity with transparent business practices; and
  • Choosing design and typefaces that reflect the brand DNA

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5 Visual Marketing Predictions For Brands

Visual marketing has taken on an extraordinary importance for brands in 2017. Olapic has made five predictions for the near-term:

  • Consumer-led marketing will reach full-maturity;
  • Brands will have more visual, less transactional relationships;
  • Personalization will be a mandate for relevance and loyalty;
  • Brands will rank quality over quantity in their visual content efforts; and
  • Both VR and AR will fail to live up to their hype...for now.

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Your Essential 2017 E-Commerce Calendar

All the important dates you need to kick off 2017

Essential e-Commerce dates, events, tips and topics  to get ahead in 2017. Download this calendar as a guide to keep your e-Commerce enterprise prepared for the first half of the year with:2017 with:

  • Winter-proof digital marketing, customer feedback and fulfillment strategies;
  • Springtime product data organization methods and campaign testing tips; and
  • Summer-ready marketplace and search engine optimization tactics.

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7 Critical Campaigns For E-Commerce Marketers In 2017

Learn how leading retailers such as Uncommon Goods, ThinkGeek and Club Monaco deliver customer-centric emails that foster loyalty, win back shoppers and boost revenue. Download this white paper to unlock 7 key campaigns that every e-Commerce marketer needs to implement in 2017, including:

  • Welcome Series;
  • Cart Abandonment;
  • Browse Abandonment;
  • Birthday;
  • Loyal Customers;
  • At-Risk Shoppers; and
  • Win-back.

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Vertical: The Future Of Video

Learn how leading retailers such as Urban Outfitters, J. Crew and Forever 21 harness the power of vertical video. Download Vertical: The Future Of Video and get valuable tips including how to:

  • Drive revenue with compelling, actionable content;
  • Build trust and authenticity through shared stories; and
  • Increase audience engagement when you align the brand with a lifestyle.

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The Essential Guide To Personalization

Improve Business Results With Relevant Experiences, Every Time

Are your personalization strategies up to par with leading retailers such as Office Depot and Johnston & Murphy? Download The Essential Guide To Personalization: Improve Business Results With Relevant Experiences Every Time and learn how to:

  • Bust four common myths of personalization;
  • Establish meaningful, measurable benchmarks;
  • Evaluate potential personalization partners; and
  • Achieve true 1-to-1 personalization.

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