The Retailer’s Guide to Loyalty Experimentation


Retailers today are facing increased competition from both in and outside their industry. The resurgence in services is shifting budgets from shopping to travel, challenging retailers’ ability to retain consumers gained during the pandemic and grow their business.

New initiatives aimed at upgrading retailers’ digital advertisements, personalization tactics and overall loyalty programs can be effective. But to truly stand out from the competition, retailers must use business experimentation to effectively optimize these initiatives.

This report explores how business experimentation can enhance retailers’ ability to measure and optimize these initiatives by answering key questions:

  1. What is the overall incremental impact of the initiative?
  2. Which aspects of the initiative work best?
  3. Which types of customers or markets changed their behavior due to the initiative?
  4. How can we target rollout of the initiative to maximize profitability?

Learn how to drive greater ROI on your loyalty initiatives with access to key insights, actionable takeaways and client success stories. Download the report now!

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