The Missing Link in B2B Ecommerce: Data-Driven Personalization

The Missing Link in B2B Ecommerce: Data-Driven Personalization

Somewhat lost in the avalanche of coverage around the COVID-fueled surge in business-to-consumer (B2C) ecommerce has been the equally impressive growth of business-to-business (B2B) ecommerce. The expansion was built on a solid base: B2B ecommerce already generates nearly 4X as much revenue as its consumer-facing counterpart.

But while B2B ecommerce is booming on the macro level, individual B2B merchants face numerous challenges in operating — and expanding — their ecommerce businesses. B2B buyers are increasingly digital natives who expect the same levels of personalization, frictionless transactions, real-time pricing and delivery data and deep content they’re accustomed to in the B2C world. However, at many B2B companies, marketing and customer data analysis sophistication levels lag far behind their B2C counterparts.

This Retail TouchPoints Special Report will explore ways B2B merchants can import B2C tools and know-how into their marketing, sales, customer service and operations, including:

  • Deploying CRM-style solutions to collect and continuously analyze customer data during what can often be a lengthy, multi-person sales process;
  • Using personalization and other B2C marketing tools to remove friction from the buyer journey;
  • Upgrading backend systems to enhance inventory, pricing, delivery and post-purchase support;
  • Increasing their understanding of their buyers’ customer, the end consumer.

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