The Latest in Ecommerce Innovation: Tech That’s Reducing Friction and Driving Engagement


Report cover Despite ecommerce’s integral role in shopping today, many crucial elements of the digital experience are still falling short. From search and product discovery to checkout, ecommerce journeys are still littered with multiple points of frustrating friction — not to mention that for both retailers and shoppers, the online shopping experience itself remains, well, uninspired.

It’s a situation that presents ample opportunity for innovation, and many retailers and tech leaders are rising to the challenge. This Retail TouchPoints report examines how they are doing that across three key areas:

  • Shopping discovery, to help consumers find the products they want, and even ones they didn’t know they wanted, with the help of AI, social media and new website dynamics;
  • Search, to bring Google-level search capabilities to retailer websites, reducing shopper abandonment and enhancing the customer experience; and
  • The website experience itself, with tools like 3D models, AR and even contextual shopping applications that could eventually bring us to a ‘post-smartphone future.

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