The Art And Science Of Being Digital First: How Retailers Can Capture Attention In An Era Of Digital Deluge

Winning retailers are using digital properties to establish their brand promise and integrate that story into their stores. For example, digital-first “Instagram brands” have set a new standard for customer engagement by cultivating relationships with consumers that are mutually beneficial and support something much larger than their business.

Discover the core practices that successful retailers like Starbucks and Dollar Shave Club have embraced to connect with consumers by prioritizing digital channels as the initial point of engagement. Additionally, get tips on how you can adapt and apply some of these principles to your business to engage customers differently.

You’ll learn:

  • How to be digital-first in an omnichannel world;
  • 10 signs that indicate you need a new customer journey strategy;
  • Guiding principles for creating incredible digital stories; and
  • How to nurture your digital community.

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