Taking POS Out of PCI Scope

With the development and enforcement of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards over the past 2 years, retailers and POS software vendors face significant investments in time and money to comply. Download this white paper “Taking POS Out of PCI Scope” for turnkey deployment architectures that allow retailers to reduce the manpower to manage integrated store payment and cardholder data. Learn about the benefits to both the POS software vendor and the retailer in taking the POS software out of PCI Scope, including:

  1. POS application software is not subject to PA‐DSS since it does not store, process, or transmit cardholder data.
  2. POS application software is not subject to annual QSA assessment and the associated costs.
  3. The need for POS application software upgrades and rollouts related to PA‐DSS changes is eliminated.
  4. Exposure to theft is reduced since sensitive cardholder data is no longer stored in each store’s POS transaction log (TLOG). All data
  5. required for settlement is stored safely at the central Payment Switch.

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