Success Stories: How Wayfair And Pepsi Use Visual Analysis To Drive Business Results

Unlock Business Success With Visual Analysis And Self-Service Analytics

By tapping into visual analysis, businesses are better able to understand patterns that can lead to transformative decisions. Forward-thinking retailers are embracing the strategy: 73% of the Top 100 retailers are using visual analysis, including every one of the first 15 in the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2016 list.

These retailers also are taking advantage of self-service analytics, which empowers people to use data to make decisions and take action across the organization: in marketing, merchandising, operations, e-Commerce, talent management and the supply chain.

Access this quick-hitting webinar brief to learn:

  • How visual analysis works;
  • Advantages of the self-service model
  • 5 steps to success with self-service data analytics; and
  • How companies like Wayfair and Pepsi found success with self-service analytics.

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