Retailers Rely On Range Of Solutions To Maintain Customer Connections

Retailer Rely On Range Of Solutions To Maintain Customer Connections

While COVID-19 has altered the way consumers shop and engage with brands, the pandemic also has reaffirmed the paramount importance of the customer experience (CX).

The most noticeable shift caused by the coronavirus has been the surge in online shopping, and it’s likely to continue even as brick-and-mortar locations reopen. Fortunately for retailers, digital shopping can provide more customer data, which can help them tailor ensuing interactions with consumers. In the brick-and-mortar environment, retailers’ challenge boils down to compensating for limited staff and reduced operating hours while continuing to elevate the customer experience.

This Retail TouchPoints Special Report reveals the tools and tactics retailers will need to meet new shopper expectations around the customer experience, including:

  • Livestreaming and video chat to add a face to digital interactions;
  • Appointment scheduling solutions that facilitate clienteling and allow associates to provide more personalized attention, both online and in physical stores;
  • How to use chatbots most effectively;
  • The role that mobile technologies will play — both consumers’ devices and those carried by in-store associates;
  • Messaging apps that can personalize every brand interaction, no matter how brief; and
  • Automated tools and technologies to maximize contact center agent productivity and boost customer satisfaction rates.

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