Reimagining Telecom Retail: How Interconnected Commerce Drives Operational Performance and Elevates the Customer Experience

The telecom industry has evolved significantly over the past 20 years, but the telecom retail experience has not.  

In the early days of Y2K, telecom was ripe with opportunity: There was an explosion in store openings, and carriers, authorized retailers and device manufacturers could easily acquire new subscribers. But the ecosystem has grown more crowded and complex. Ecommerce has opened the door to a whole new category of competitors, including carriers who are selling directly to customers. Consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, which means they demand seamless and elevated omnichannel services. 

This E-book outlines how interconnected commerce can help telecom players reimagine the customer experience and embrace systems that create visibility, alignment and superior operations across all channels. You’ll discover:

  • Four realities challenging the evolution of telecom retail; 
  • How interconnected commerce is challenging the telecom retail status quo; and 
  • How to bring interconnected commerce to life. 

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