Reexamining The State Of POS: Take Steps To Accelerate The Checkout Process

Retailers may not realize just how much point-of-sale (POS) technology has advanced in recent years — and how quickly it continues to evolve. The POS is now much more than just a necessary workhorse; it’s also the means to address one of retail’s biggest pain points: slow checkouts. But despite the critical upgrades and improved functionality within POS platforms, many industry players still lag when it comes to implementing newer technologies: 53% of retailers report their POS software is more than five years old, according to Boston Retail Partners.

This Retail TouchPoints special report discusses the recent evolution of POS technologies, and explains why retailers must reexamine which facets of their systems are most important to expediting the checkout process. The report also touches on:

  • Why omnichannel integration and customer engagement are main drivers in the preference shift from all-in-one platforms to best-of-breed solutions;
  • How larger POS vendors are becoming more open to integrating microservices and other third-party APIs that add functionality and flexibility;
  • Mobile’s continued growth and influence on POS technologies; and
  • The emergence of self-checkout as a frictionless payments option.

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