Premium Loyalty: Answers To The Questions You Should Be Asking

In a time when consumers have unlimited choice amid increased competition, building stronger relationships with customers is more important than it has ever been.

That’s why loyalty programs are on the minds of every retailer. After all, whether they’re shopping in your stores or online, most consumers expect to be offered membership to some type of loyalty program to be rewarded for shopping with you.

Within the pages of this white paper, you’ll learn how to engage your customers with a premium loyalty solution, starting with answers to your most important questions.

You’ll also gain access to important stats including:

  • 58% of shoppers currently belong to a premium loyalty program, and 65% of those who belong to one plan to join additional programs in the next 12 months;
  • 90% of consumers would choose retailers with premium loyalty programs they belong to over other retailers; and
  • 31% said they have yet to join a paid loyalty program because the retailers they shop with don’t offer them.

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