Modern Marketing Playbook: Three Key Tactics for Engaging Customers in a Post-COVID, Post-Cookie World

Modern Marketing Playbook: Three Key Tactics for Engaging Customers in a Post-COVID, Post-Cookie World

There is adizzying amount of change taking place right now in the world of marketing. The third-party cookies and other tracking tools that marketers have depended on for years are going by the wayside, placing an increased focus on first-party data. Meanwhile, powerful new technologies now allow for personalization and segmentation on levels that were previously impossible, all of them reliant on quality data. And all of this is happening in the context of COVID-19, which drove huge behavior shifts not only in the way people shop, but how and where they are engaging with brands.

Today’s marketers are being asked to take all of this in stride while at the same time rapidly adapting to their changing role in the sales ecosystem. This Retail TouchPoints Special Report will reveal three key tactics marketers can use to engage with increasingly autonomous consumers who demand both authenticity and a soft touch:

  • Shifting their messaging focus from immediate product sales to a more long-view approach of building relationships;
  • Finding ways to join increasingly consumer-driven conversations without attempting to control them; and
  • Engaging with smaller, more targeted groups to achieve better ROI than generic, broad-brush tactics.

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