Modern Fulfillment Strategies: Raising BOPIS and Delivery to the Next Level of Convenience


Varied fulfillment options, from next-day delivery to in-store pickup, became the norm during lockdown, and now retailers need to find new ways to stand out from the competition. Curbside and store-based fulfillment are here to stay as fulfillment staples, but the next generation of great customer experiences will turn these basic services into friction-busting sales drivers.

Retailers looking to improve the customer experience will need to build on the established buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) and last-mile paradigms by putting the customer first in new ways. Additionally, because many companies expanded their fulfillment options in a hurry during the pandemic, making these offerings permanent means ensuring they’re profitable without sacrificing convenience.

This Retail TouchPoints special report will look at the founding principles of a successful modern fulfillment strategy, including:

  • Putting data at the center of the strategy: Information management is vital to the entire fulfillment operation, from managing inventory to coordinating fulfillment;
  • Strategically selecting fulfillment sites: Neither traditional warehouses nor micro-fulfillment centers are one-size-fits all, so retailers must put the right facility in the right place;
  • Enhancing in-store pickup with alternate options: BOPIS is already convenient, but retailers can take it to the next level by giving shoppers more in-store fulfillment choices; and
  • Balancing in-house versus third-party services: Running a next-gen fulfillment program requires a wide range of expertise, making a balance between in-house and outside experts important.

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