Marketing To Millennials: How To Reach A Generation With $200 Billion In Spending Power

The shopping habits of Millennials are often exaggerated — many media reports treat these shoppers like they’re part of an alien invasion. This isn’t true — Millennials’ top retail preferences still revolve around price, convenience and selection, the same as their predecessors.

However, Millennials still have their own quirks and preferences, and successfully unlocking their $200 billion in buying power calls for a modern approach to marketing. This special report will look at how retailers can reach Millennials through practices and offerings such as:

  • Extreme reliability: Millennials prefer brands that are responsive and pleasant, and will not tolerate retailers with poor customer service or inaccurate personalization attempts;
  • A social media presence: Whether looking for product recommendations from friends or complaining about a bad experience, Millennials thrive on social media; and
  • A reflection of their beliefs: The brands Millennials choose are visible and transparent to the world, and they prefer to support brands that reflect their values.

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