Hybrid CMS: The Next Generation of the Headless CMS

Hybrid CMS: The Next Generation of the Headless CMS

Content management systems (CMSs) have been in use for 20+ years, but only in the past several years has the term “headless CMS” become popular; and it has already begun to revolutionize the experience across digital channels and devices.  

However, today’s pureplay headless CMS lacks many of the core capabilities of a “traditional” CMS. That’s why a hybrid CMS is the next generation of content management — it combines all of the advantages of a headless CMS with those of a more traditional enterprise class CMS. 

This e-Book has been prepared for technical and non-technical audiences to answer the most common questions that arise when we hear the terms hybrid, headless and decoupled CMS: 

  • What is a headless CMS and Content-as-a-Service? 
  • How is it different than a traditional or decoupled CMS? 
  • What role does Content-as-a-Service play? 
  • Why is a hybrid CMS the next generation of a headless CMS? 
  • What are the business and technical benefits of a hybrid and headless CMS? 
  • What are the key criteria in selecting a hybrid CMS vendor? 

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