How Advanced Loss Prevention Tools Balance Friction And Risk At Checkout

With customers consistently seeking fast, convenient and simple self-checkout experiences, retailers are understandably reluctant to do anything that will add friction at checkout. However, customers want to feel confident that their transactions are accurate, and retailers need to trust in the systems’ ability to protect the store from shrink.

This white paper explores how retailers can test, measure and optimize their self-checkout options to find the right balance between friction for the shopper and risk for the retailer. It will highlight:

  • The human element, including the shopper assistant’s role, best practices, staffing and training requirements and the benefits of deploying a Mobile Operations Manager application;
  • Leveraging proven technologies such as weight security, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, cameras and item tagging;
  • A look at object recognition, including key technology advancements and working proofs of concept; and
  • Taking a holistic view of the entire checkout process and all activities within it, including product switching, shopper error correction, shopper forgiveness and malicious fraud.

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